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[Live from New Orleans.] 8/24/2010 09:03:00 PM [Aug. 24th, 2010|11:19 pm]
I've changed the nature of this blog. I would write more and be more
productive if I had more control over who reads it. I apologize for
that, you know, all you readers (cough) won't be able to tell your
friends now. But this is for personal security reasons, vanity, and
general peace of mind. It will be good to know that nothing I write on
this blog will be used against me. As time goes on, as I move forwards
in my life and career, there will be a time in which I'll make this
public again.

I suppose this will now take the form a of a fancy journal. Include
just more of whats on top of my head.

Let me do what I should have done, both for myself, and for you as a
reader. My name is Rob. I am an organizer.

I have a job in which there are no doubt people who are scheming to
figure out a way to get to me and my co-workers, make us weaker, hit us
where it hurts, and generally break our morale. The unfortunate thing
of a boss fight is, thats its also aimed at the organization and the
organizer. By my experience it can even get to the point where it gets
to staff more than it gets to a worker, but there is no tangible way to
measure that, and it's not really fare to make much of a comparison.
But I would say, the fight certainly has worn me down, to a breaking
point even, to a point where I question everything I believe in, where
I want to flee.

But I'm still here.

Welcome to the blog.
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[Live from New Orleans.] Memorial Medica Center [Aug. 27th, 2009|05:40 pm]
Good old NYT published a report on Memorial Medical center after
Katrina. Good read for folks who aren't too familiar with the story.

Click Here.
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[Live from New Orleans.] thank god [Apr. 10th, 2009|05:11 pm]
I know you were waiting to see this shit as I was.


You can also now follow Methodman and Redman on twitter:

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Writer's Block: Grab and Go [Apr. 6th, 2009|03:17 am]
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Scenario: For exactly 1 minute, you get access to all the databases of all the intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-5, etc). What do you want to find out before time is up and you're caught and jailed forever?
Are we or have we ever been in contact with extra-terrestrials dead or alive?
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Things are getting better. [Apr. 6th, 2009|01:10 am]
So I've finally been able to get a job. This time it is with the Service Employees International Union as an Organizer. I'm getting good pay, good benefits, and doing a job I've wanted to do when I graduate college. And they haven't shunned me for having yet finished my degree.

But there is a catch.

The day after I was hired I was called and told there was some sort of mix up. That the only way for me to have a job with them is if I move to D.C.! They offered free housing and rental car. But I have to leave my beloved Louisiana and all my friends.

I'm going to go through with it, wish me luck that I can survive not having all the delicious food and the opportunity to go to a second line every Sunday.
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[Live from New Orleans.] Squatters hidden in New Orleans' abandoned house... [Apr. 5th, 2009|11:53 pm]
- Squatters hidden in New Orleans' abandoned houses often need more
help than other homeless people - Breaking News from New Orleans -
Times-Picayune - NOLA.com

The problem of homelessness in New Orleans.

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[Live from New Orleans.] Throwback 2007 [Apr. 3rd, 2009|10:31 pm]
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[Live from New Orleans.] Immortal Technique in Afghanistan [Apr. 1st, 2009|12:58 am]
Looks like the brother is walking the talk.

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[Live from New Orleans.] Ricky B. - Ya'll Holla [Apr. 1st, 2009|12:50 am]
Kind of hard to find, but I was in the mood for it. Thought maybe you
would too. Ya dig?

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[Live from New Orleans.] Free and low coast healthcare guide [Mar. 30th, 2009|01:42 am]
For whatever reason I've been worry about my health lately. Since I
have no money, and my family has none to give me, and I have no health
insurance. This link got me excited incase I ever need some assistance,
check it out and write it down if you are in a similar situation: http://nolafreehealthcare.com/
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